What is a food tour?

A food tour is a tour of food-related businesses with one or more tasting samples at each stop. Most of our tours amount to an entire meal, which often means that you won’t require lunch or dinner elsewhere. We suggest that you read the tour description closely so that you can prepare accordingly.

I received a gift certificate. How can I redeem it?

Simply contact us at info@bostonfoodietours.com with a preferred tour date, phone number, and dietary restrictions, if any.

Are these walking tours?

Yes, our current tours are all walking tours. Guests should be physically capable of walking tour distances, which are generally 1-2 miles.

How large is each tour group?

A minimum of four guests, and a maximum of twelve. If we sell out early, and have staffing available, we will open up a second tour. If interested in a sold out tour, we suggest that you contact us, and add your name to a wait list.

Are there options for those with restricted diets?

While we do confirm dietary restrictions at time of ticket purchase, and can be largely accommodating, on limited occasions we may not have a swap. If any questions, we suggest that you contact us with questions beforehand to determine which tour is the best fit for you and/or your guests.


Yes, our tours are tailored to Boston’s visitors, as well as to native Bostonians and recent transplants. We promise that all will not only enjoy, but will also make discoveries.

Are your tours suitable for children?

Possibly. We defer to parents’ judgment as to whether our tours are a fit for their children. To make an informed decision, we encourage you to read our tour descriptions fully, including duration and offerings.

Is there a discount for children?

Children under the age of two are free of charge. Over the age of two are charged full price.

Are these tours appropriate for guests traveling alone?

Absolutely! In fact, our tours will allow you to join a group, and to learn the lay of the land while enjoying some of Boston’s best eats.

Are the tours handicap accessible?

Unfortunately, buildings in Boston’s more historic neighborhoods often require climbing a few stairs for entry. That being said, our Market District Tour is handicap accessible throughout. In order for us to address individual concerns, we invite you to contact us.

What does the ticket price include?

Unless otherwise noted, our ticket price includes all tastings, courses, and takeaways, as appropriate. It also includes taxes and server gratuities. It DOES NOT include soft drinks or alcohol, for which we’re happy to start a guest tab. We simply don’t want to charge you up front for what you may/may not want.

Does the tour guide accept gratuities?

Yes! If you feel that your tour guide has done a good job, he/she would welcome gratuities. Industry standard is 15%-20% of ticket cost. An average tip tends to be $10.00 per person.

Why are Boston Foodie Tours’ tours often more expensive than your competitors’?

Glad that you asked! Our tastings almost without exception amount to a full meal, whether lunch or dinner, and often include takeaways. If that’s not the case, the price will reflect it. In addition, we’re largely working with top award winners, and compensate them accordingly, which is key to maintaining successful business relationships. Furthermore, almost without exception, our tour guides are industry professionals. While we’d love to charge less, the quality of our products would be compromised if we did so.

How long is a food tour?

Times vary depending upon the tour. Tours range from 5-7 stops at a somewhat leisurely pace so that guests can fully enjoy the experience. Tours generally run from a minimum of three hours, to a “two-tours-in-one” 4 1/2 hours, for those who wish to cover more ground in one day.

Do the tours start and end at the same place?

Not necessarily, but close by, whether a few blocks away from the starting point, or simply at the opposite end of the street. At the conclusion of the tour, our tour guides will direct guests to their next stops as appropriate, including to public transportation, which is easily accessible.

Is there parking near tour meeting/ending places?

While we strongly encourage guests to take public transportation, there are parking garages/lots available within close proximity to tour meeting and ending places. Our tour confirmation will note parking options, including discounts offered by our partner hotels.

Are there restrooms available along the tour route?

Guests will have access to hotel and restaurant restrooms on each tour.

Is shopping allowed on tours?

Yes! While you may have limited time to do so depending upon group size and itinerary, our tour partners welcome your business, and may even offer you a discount!

Should I eat before the food tour?

We suggest that you have a light meal only. Our intention is to provide you with an adequate amount of tasting samples, and, most often, a course or two. Should you start to feel full, we suggest that you take some samples home, and enjoy them at a later time.

Are tours ever cancelled?

Tours run rain or shine with the exception of anticipated or current extreme weather conditions, or if we fail to meet our minimum enrollment requirement of four guests. On the rare occasion that a tour is cancelled, guests are provided with the option of transferring their tickets to another preferred date, or of receiving a full refund.

What is your refund policy?

Tickets are non-refundable; however, they are transferable to another tour 48 hours or more prior to the scheduled event.

We’re travelling with our dog. Can we bring along him/her?

While we love dogs, too, unfortunately, you’ll need to make other arrangements.

Is smoking permitted on your food tours?

For the comfort of all of our guests, Boston Foodie Tours maintains a “no smoking” policy.

How can I learn about future tours or cooking classes?

Two ways: You can check our tour calendar, and you can sign up for our monthly newsletter at www.bostonfoodietours.com.

Do you offer private tours?

Yes! And we offer private restaurant dine arounds (think progressive meals), and private community-based cooking classes for groups. For a premium rate, we also offer private VIP tours, with hotel pick up. Depending on the event, we generally staff with one tour guide for every twelve guests.

What are the costs for private tours, dine arounds, and/or cooking classes?

Costs vary depending on the event, guest count, what’s included, etc. Please contact us directly to discuss.

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